Purple Candy


Purple Candy is an Indica-dominant hybrid that can be recognized by its purple appearance and sweet smell/taste. This strain is a cross between Purple Wreck, OG Kush, and Godzilla Grape. This Indica strain is well known for its uplifting mental effects and its tendency to induce couch
lock. For these reasons, Purple Candy is recommended for patients looking to treat anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, and/or insomnia. It is known to induce hunger, even for patients who are struggling with symptoms of nausea. Overall, Purple Candy is an excellent medication for
patients in need of relief during evening hours.

THC: 15%

  • Relaxed 83% 83%
  • Happy 58% 58%
  • Sleepy 56% 56%
  • Euphoric 49% 49%
  • Hungry 30% 30%
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