Pink Power Kush (smalls) 1oz


This is a very exclusive and potent Indica strain – a mix between four AAAA Indicas which are death star, Pre 94’ Bubba, Hinda Kush, and Death Bubba. This strain provides a smooth, on the couch, euphoric feeling! Be prepared to be introspective with a heightened sense of enlightenment.

Pink Power Kush (smalls) is a great value gassy Indica option for those who don’t mind smoking smaller buds. No potency is sacrificed here. Smoke quads for the best possible price! It is unlikely you will find a better $ 100-ounce deal anywhere else.

THC: 29%

  • Relaxed 52% 52%
  • Happy 44% 44%
  • Euphoric 43% 43%
  • Sleepy 41% 41%
  • Uplifted 28% 28%

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