OG Shark (Small buds) 7g Free


Everyone loves a good mystery, and OG Shark is another strain with a mysterious past. Found
mostly in Canada, where one can assume this strain originates, unknown breeders crossed
what we think was Diesel and Blueberry. A strain that brings a nicely balanced set of effects,
OG Shark is so good you won’t really care about who made it.

Packing a punch at a high of 25% THC, this strain is best left to the experts. In fact, those who
smoke too much of OG Shark will find a wealth of paranoia waiting for them. Buds tend to be
oblong in shape and are a beautiful mix of purple and green tones. Flavours and smells are
similar, with berry, spice, skunk, and sweet earth all lingering in the room long after you take a

THC: 25%

  • Relaxed 74% 74%
  • Happy 72% 72%
  • Uplifted 53% 53%

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