MOONROCK – Pre-roll – Indica


The Caviar Collection’s blend of high-quality flower, oil, and kief makes their Moonrock Collection Prerolls the smoothest and most consistent on the market. Boasting 1.5g strain-specific ingredients in a slow-burning raw cone, the THC potency of these Moonrock Prerolls ranges between 50%-65%. You can expect a premium experience every time.

When it comes to caviar, a moonrock is a classic, whether on its own or in a preroll and The Caviar Collection ensures you are getting every penny worth as they believe consistency is key for happy smokers!

These Moonrocks Prerolls consists of Pine Tar flower, C02 honey oil, and Nuken Kief.


Original, Coconut, Irish Cream, Berry Blend, Sweet Tangerine

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