Darth Vader OG (Small buds) 14g Free


Darth Vader OG, also known as Vader OG, comes from mysterious origins. It is an Indica-
dominant strain.

What is fairly clear about this strain is that its potency tops out at 25% THC, making it ideal for
more experienced smokers. Buds are very dark in colour, with violet and blue undertones, and
are topped off with tons of resin. A sweet and sour mix of grapes and earth blends nicely with
spice, herbs, and pepper, making Darth Vader OG a strain for all preferences. Some are a bit
offended by her aroma, but thankfully she tastes better than she smells.

THC: 25%

  • Relaxed 72% 72%
  • Sleepy 56% 56%
  • Euphoric 43% 43%

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