You asked and we listened! Everyone loves cannabis, and some prefer Indica, while others prefer Sativa. We’ve noticed that people really love gassy, high THC Indicas, in particular. Fuego Quads prides itself in working with the best micro craft ACMPR medical cannabis growers and has hand-selected their current lineup of Pinks!

Astro Pink, Pink Platinum Rock Star, Pink Rockstar, Pink Kush, and Pink Rhino are some of the strongest and best Pink strains available in Canada! The potency of these Indica dominant strains is their overpowering qualities. Even small quantities are known to eliminate pain, insomnia, and appetite loss, offering great, beneficial medical benefits for medicinal cannabis patients.

These highly sought after and exclusive strains have been lovingly cared for and provide euphoric, relaxing, and sedative effects that cannot be ignored. The current lineup of OCS recreational cannabis does not offer cannabis that can compare with regards to potency, THC content, nor quality and value. Fuego Quads is sure to impress any and all who would like to experience true quality, high potency craft quads cannabis.